Racel Williams

B.S. Marketing (2003) | M.Architecture (2007) | M.S. Human-Computer Interaction (2014)

Exploring User-Centered Design & Research

An Augmented Reality application that leverages mobile and web technologies to aid in facility management. Thirty participants took part in formative evaluations. A lab study, surveys, and interviews were conducted to determine the usability of the application.

Contribution: I was the technical lead and developer on this project. I helped design research methodologies, conducted usability testing, developed a functional prototype, and wrote and edited a paper for publication.
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Incorporating the latest in 2D & 3D Web technologies, this project seeks to provide a tool and authoritative database that the campus community can use for all their mapping and information needs. It showcases easy querying of building information, transportation routes, parking facilities, 3D models, and real-time bus data. This …

Contribution: I am the project lead, user experience researcher/designer web developer for the new interactive campus map. I bridge the gaps between different stakeholders a in order to provide the authoritative source of campus data for the GT community.
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A collection of 3D Virtual Environments of Atlanta locations for Serious Games, Simulations, and Fundraising. Each project varies in complexity from low to high level of detail. Projects include animations, marketing materials, and driving simulation.

Contribution: I am team leader, game engine developer, video editor, and 3D artist on these projects. I also established and optimized 3D content creation workflows, managed a team of up to 8 students, generated 3D geometry and textures, produced animations and renderings as needed, and managed client needs.
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Employing user-centered design principles and e-textile materials, this knee worn sensor array and microcontroller is capable of gesture recognition for both guiding physical therapy exercises in the home by recognizing movement quality and providing haptic and audible feedback. It is also capable of storing data for later presentation of exercise …

Contribution: I am a team member and fabrication lead on this project. I have participated in design and fabrication of the prototype, as well as pilot testing.
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The Interuppter aids cyclists and pedestrians ride and walk around campus safely. The system consists of an enhanced bicycle bell and mobile application which allow pedestrians and cyclists, respectively, to send each other messages that use audio, visual, and vibration feedback to alert other users in environments that might be …

Contribution: I was a team member on this project and contributed to all parts of the project including defining user requirements, understanding the problem, designing a system, developing a Wizard of Oz prototype, experiment design, and presentation of findings.
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Drawn Together was an interactive art installation done in collaboration with artists, OpenEnded Group. Participants could actively engage in a collaborative 3D drawing interaction with a computerized modern, drafting table.

Contribution: I was a designer and fabricator on this project. I participated in ideation & prototyping of the drafting table where we utilized 3D models and 3D printing for rapid prototyping. I also helped design/install the hardware configuration and used CNC Routers to fabricate physical components for the installation.
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The Centennial Gala Installation was a multi-sensory experience where users could manipulate visuals and sound by moving through a diaphanous forest. Ultrasonic sensors would pickup their movements and create an exciting visual and auditory landscape.

Contribution: I was the visual artist and graphics coder on this project. I was in charge of the visualization coding of sensory information from the ultrasonic sensors via Processing. I also designed the hardware configuration and installed it.
COA Centennial Installation

Redesign and development of the 6 College of Architecture websites to define a clear brand identity and aid in recruitment of top tier Masters students.   Visit the College of Architecture Site Visit the School of Architecture Site Visit the School of Building Construction Site Visit the School of City …

Contribution: I was the user experience researcher and web developer. This project was done in partnership with Portfolio Center, a local advertising school, who aided in brand strategy and web design.
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Arts@Tech is a new initiative at Georgia Tech that seeks to bring the worlds of Art and Technology together.  The Arts@Tech website serves as a portal for those in the Georgia Tech community to find, seek, and post their art-related work. Visit the Arts@Tech Website

Contribution: My role for this project was user experience designer and web developer. I conducted a wants/needs analysis and competitive analysis prior to starting the project in order to get a sense of what my client was looking for, what our target audience would respond to, and what other similar sites were doing.
I developed the site using drupal as a majority of Georgia Tech's sites use this content management system. Copy and images for the site were provided by GT Institute Communications.
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Lines of sight are important. They visually tie the two sides of a seam together. Boundaries do not only divide. They also join things together. Located on the historical boundary of North Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia, my goal was to try to (re)sew two opposing communities–separated by economic/social/cultural/racial/historical barrier–together at …

Contribution: I was the architect for this project and was inspired by the idea that North Avenue in Atlanta is a metaphor for the seam.
The result was a mixed-use development consisting of townhouses and apartments with a retail greenhouse.
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