Racel Williams

Arts@Tech Website2012


Arts@Tech is a new initiative at Georgia Tech that seeks to bring the worlds of Art and Technology together.  The Arts@Tech website serves as a portal for those in the Georgia Tech community to find, seek, and post their art-related work.

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Contribution: My role for this project was user experience designer and web developer. I conducted a wants/needs analysis and competitive analysis prior to starting the project in order to get a sense of what my client was looking for, what our target audience would respond to, and what other similar sites were doing.
I developed the site using drupal as a majority of Georgia Tech's sites use this content management system. Copy and images for the site were provided by GT Institute Communications.
Process: After meeting several times with the client, it was concluded that our target audience would be prospective undergraduate students who wanted to pursue degrees in technology, but also had interests in the Arts.
The look-and-feel of the site aims to be the opposite of the mostly white, sparse websites that most Georgia Tech units have that typically characterize tech-related sites. Using darker tones, and lots of images, we aim to reach the more artistic audience.
The site is divided up into several categories where felt the arts could play a role in the way Georgia Tech operates: Education, Research, Performances, Community, and Student Involvement. To reduce clicking and to align itself with websites that employ the infinite scroll concept, each category had one page that was divided up into several sections instead of the traditional multiple page approach.
Arts@Tech Architecture
Arts@Tech Wireframe
Arts@Tech Early Mockup
Arts@Tech Front Page
Arts@Tech Category Page