Racel Williams

GT Architecture Websites2012


Redesign and development of the 6 College of Architecture websites to define a clear brand identity and aid in recruitment of top tier Masters students.


Visit the College of Architecture Site
Visit the School of Architecture Site
Visit the School of Building Construction Site
Visit the School of City Planning Site
Visit the School of Industrial Design Site
Visit the School of Music Site

Contribution: I was the user experience researcher and web developer. This project was done in partnership with Portfolio Center, a local advertising school, who aided in brand strategy and web design.
Process: I conducted 7 focus groups and conducted a competitive analysis prior to the design phase with recently admitted students and prospective in order to understand their current perception of the current College site, and their wants/needs for the new site.
The results of these studies helped inform the design of the site which was critiqued continually (every few weeks) by the stakeholders of the website (Institute Communications, College Deans and Chairs, Alumni, Students, and others in community).
Ultimately, the design of the website was just one part of a larger branding strategy that included print marketing materials.
The resulting design was then implemented using the University-approved content management system, drupal, for each of the College's 5 schools and the College site.