Racel Williams


Incorporating the latest in 2D & 3D Web technologies, this project seeks to provide a tool and authoritative database that the campus community can use for all their mapping and information needs. It showcases easy querying of building information, transportation routes, parking facilities, 3D models, and real-time bus data. This campus map is currently in beta testing and is set to officially launch in Fall 2013.

Visit the map!

Contribution: I am the project lead, user experience researcher/designer web developer for the new interactive campus map. I bridge the gaps between different stakeholders a in order to provide the authoritative source of campus data for the GT community.
Process: The map utilizes drupal, google maps api, and google earth.
Through a user-centered design process, this new campus map has been through 4 iterations since it was started in Fall 2012. I have conducted 8 focus groups with students across campus and distributed usability surveys in order to refine the interaction and design of the map for our target users, visitors and new faculty, staff, and students.
Managing a team of 4 graduate assistants and collaborating with numerous groups across campus this map has allowed me to increase my skills in project management, as well as web and mobile development
I am currently working on developing a mobile version of the site and creating authoring tools that allow people to create their own mapping experiences.