Racel Williams



The interlocking modular bench project seeks to create an ergonomic, flexible solution for mass seating in tight spaces. It was an exploration in fabrication methods. Three stool modules were created through traditional woodworking process. One module was fabricated through CNC routing.

Contribution: I was the designer and fabricator of the furniture.
Process: I designed a modular bench. Each module can act as a stand-alone stool, but each piece can be interlocked to create a bench. This allowed for efficient use of floor space for mass seating and the flexibility for users to decide how much seating they needed by either adding or subtracting stool modules. I first approached this project by creating two stools through manual woodworking techniques utilizing mechanical band saws, table saws, and sanders to create my stools. I then took my design and created CAD drawings that were then inputted into a 6-axis CNC router. The manual process took significantly more effort to produce. It took me about a month to produce 2 stools by hand, where it took me only a day to produce the one CNC-routed stool.