Racel Williams

COA Centennial Installation2009


The Centennial Gala Installation was a multi-sensory experience where users could manipulate visuals and sound by moving through a diaphanous forest. Ultrasonic sensors would pickup their movements and create an exciting visual and auditory landscape.

Contribution: I was the visual artist and graphics coder on this project. I was in charge of the visualization coding of sensory information from the ultrasonic sensors via Processing. I also designed the hardware configuration and installed it.
Videos:Installation in Action
Process: The inspiration concept for this piece was "birth" as we were celebrating the 100th year of the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech.
Several months of designing with the fabrication and audio team, led me to create graphics that represented single cells morphing and replicating into more cells as users interacted with the exhibit.
Processing was used to create the visualizations and Python was used to process the serial data from the ultrasonic sensors.