Racel Williams


An Augmented Reality application that leverages mobile and web technologies to aid in facility management. Thirty participants took part in formative evaluations. A lab study, surveys, and interviews were conducted to determine the usability of the application.

Contribution: I was the technical lead and developer on this project. I helped design research methodologies, conducted usability testing, developed a functional prototype, and wrote and edited a paper for publication.
Videos:InfoSPOT Video
Process: Taking a Building Information Model (BIM) of our experiment area, I ported the BIM model over to an augmented reality browser, Argon.
Using 3D panaromas, MySQL database, HTML/CSS, KML, and Javascript, I created an AR interface for facility managers to query the BIM information of different objects in the room allowing for easy and efficient management of spaces.
(from our paper in Automation in Construction) The Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner/Operator (AECO) industry is constantly searching for new methods for increasing efficiency and productivity. Facility Managers (FMs), as a part of the owner/ operator role, work in complex and dynamic environments where critical decisions are constantly made. This decision-making process and its consequent performance can be improved by enhancing Situation Awareness (SA) of the FMs through new digital technologies. In this paper, InfoSPOT (Information Surveyed Point for Observation and Tracking), is recommended to FMs as a mobile Augmented Reality (AR) tool for accessing information about the facilities they maintain. AR has been considered as a viable option to reduce inefficiencies of data overload by providing FMs with a SA-based tool for visualizing their “real-world” environment with added interactive data. A prototype of the AR application was developed and a user participation experiment and analysis conducted to evaluate the features of InfoSPOT. This innovative application of AR has the potential to improve construction practices, and in this case, facility management.