Racel Williams


A collection of 3D Virtual Environments of Atlanta locations for Serious Games, Simulations, and Fundraising. Each project varies in complexity from low to high level of detail. Projects
include animations, marketing materials, and driving simulation.

Contribution: I am team leader, game engine developer, video editor, and 3D artist on these projects. I also established and optimized 3D content creation workflows, managed a team of up to 8 students, generated 3D geometry and textures, produced animations and renderings as needed, and managed client needs.
Videos:Unreal Game Engine - College of Architecture Demo
Unreal Game Engine - GT Campus Demo
Clough Commons Promo
North Avenue Animation
Low Level of Detail Model
North Avenue Animation
Imagine Lab Promo
GT Campus for the Future
Process: Each project varied in complexity, target audience, and purpose. Creating 3D models required aggregating and utilizing CAD, photography, and LIDAR.
3D models were constructed in 3DS Max. Textures were constructed in Photoshop and/or Ilustrator. The textured geometry would then be outputted into an animation or still rendering (via 3DSMax and VRay plugin), real-time game engine (Unreal or Unity), or simulation software (National Advanced Driving Simulator MiniSim). Animations would be post-edited in After Effects and Premiere.
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