Racel Williams


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I am currently doing research in web-based Augmented Reality, Building Information Modeling, and Tangible Interaction.  I am interested in designing novel experiences for users and challenging the way we: 1) interact with digital environments through physical affordances and, 2) how we interact with physical environments through digital bits.


Over the past few years, I have been building my technical expertise in the domain of 3D visualization and design technologies as a Research Scientist in the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech. In addition to building technical skills, I have pursued other activities in order to better prepare myself for a senior research position in the future. These activities include recruiting and mentoring students, teaching, taking on a supervisor/managerial role, maintaining client relationships, and obtaining/managing funded research projects.


I continue to build my expertise in the area of design technologies and have developed an interest in user-centered interface design. In order to facilitate my growth in this area, I am currently pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Human Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech’s School of Interactive Computing. This multi-disciplinary program will allow me to hone my research and technical skills to strengthen my work. I plan on continuing to expand my knowledge in the fields of augmented reality and tangible, embodied interaction in order to devise solutions for the design and construction field. It is my aim to continue producing peer-reviewed papers, creating new design tools for AEC, and gaining more management experience in order to prepare for a senior research role.